A new service may be set to change the way air passengers travel across America by offering an all-you-can-fly service with unlimited flights.

OneGo, which launched on Tuesday, will let travellers fly on well-known airlines for as little as $1,500 (NZ$2,230) per month. And they can even collect frequent flyer miles and points in the process.

More than 700 routes, travelling between 76 airports in the USA, are covered on the nationwide monthly subscription plan.

Users will need to sign up for a OneGo subscription, paying a one-time account set up fee of $495 (NZ$736), and download an app to their mobile device.


Four different plans are available - East, West, Central and National - which can be cancelled any time.

The West Coast plan, which covers 14 airports including Las Vegas and Los Angeles, costs $1,500 (NZ$2,230) per month; while the East Coast plan, covering 39 airports including Miami and New York City, is pricier $2,300 (NZ$3,423) each month.

To travel between airports like Houston and Austin in the middle of the USA, travellers can opt for the $1,950 (NZ$2,902) per month Central plan.

For those who regularly fly across the country, a $2,950 (NZ$4390) per month national plan is also available.

Once signed up and subscribed, users can browse through scheduled economy flights on airlines such as American Airlines, Delta and United.

However, passengers can only have four open reservations at any one time.

There are also additional costs for baggage, cancellation and changes as well as a premium for last-minute flights.

At the moment only iPhone users will be able to enjoy the perks of unlimited flights until an Android version of the app is launched in March.

- Daily Mail