You can swim with just about anything these days - dolphins, turtles, stingrays and even sharks - but on a tiny island in the Bahamas, pigs paddle with tourists.

Looks like Brandon made friends with the locals #sheepwrecked

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Pig Beach, officially known as Big Major Cay, is an uninhabited island known for its population of feral, but friendly pigs.

No one knows quite how the pigs arrived on the island - anecdotal history says they were originally dropped off by sailors, while others believe the pigs were a planned scheme by the Bahamas Government to attract tourists.

Today, I made a pig smile. Life goal: complete #piggiesmalls #theswimmingpigs #pigbeach

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Either way, the pigs are evidently very happy to pose for selfies with tourists.


Here are some of our favourite Instagram snaps from Pig Island:

synchronized swimming

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