In this stinking hot summer weather, cool off with these pictures of the world's coolest and scariest waterslides

1. The Wedgie, Whitewater World - Gold Coast, Australia

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Described as "gut wrenching, heart pounding and teeth chattering", The Wedgie drops you five stories through a translucent pipe. If it wasn't already obvious, the name tells you exactly what this ride is likely to do to your swimmers.

2. King Cobra - Six Flags Hurricane Harbour, New Jersey, USA

What could be cooler than a waterslide shaped like a giant snake? As you slither around the cobra's body, reaching speeds of up to 51km/h, you'll end up right in the mouth of the red and black beast.

3. Insano - Brazil Beach Park, Porto das Dunas

Clocking in at 41m, with speeds of up to 104km/hr, this "Insano" drop is not for the faint of heart.

4. Summit Plummit - Disney's Blizzard Beach, Florida

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This very novel ski-themed waterslide is one of the tallest, fastest slides in the world. It's in Blizzard Beach, part of the Walt Disney World complex in Florida.


5. Boeing 747 - Evergreen Wings and Waves Waterpark, Oregon

This Boeing 747 has been converted into a waterslide. Photo /
This Boeing 747 has been converted into a waterslide. Photo /

Located on the roof of an aviation museum that doubles as a waterpark, this converted 747 is one of the most unique waterslides in the world.

6. Bazooka Bowls - Cultus Lake Water Park, Canada

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Much like the coin donation wishing wells at the movies, this slide ends with riders being spun around two big bowls, before being dumped unceremoniously into a pool of water at the end.

7. Verruckt - Schlitterbahn, Kansas City

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Don't let the German name fool you, the Schlitterbahn (slippery road) waterparks are located in the United States. The Verruckt slide in Kansas City is currently the tallest waterslide in the world. The ride's rafts take three people at a time down a 51m drop.

8. Leap of Faith - Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

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Slide from the top of a Mayan Temple down an almost vertical drop. It's a terrifying yet exhilarating journey that takes you through a shark-filled lagoon by way of a clear, acrylic tube.

9. Citta Del Mar - Sicily

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At the Citta Del Mar holiday resort, the waterslides drop you straight into the Mediterranean Sea.

10. Jumeirah Sceirah - Wild Wadi Waterpark, Dubai

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Revamped in 2012, the Jumeirah Sceirah ride starts with a sudden drop. Riders wait inside capsules, until the floor collapses and sends them hurtling uncontrollably through a narrow tube.