Best get-away-from-it-all place to escape to and why?

This year my favourite holiday was at the Talalla surf and yoga retreat in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is this wild untouched paradise, and the Talalla Retreat blew my mind with the stunning accommodation and fresh, fiery Sri Lankan food. But mostly the guys that ran the surf camp made the experience so fun and inspiring. We surfed every day on secluded beaches with pumping waves that were perfect for all levels. It was my dream island getaway.

Favourite city?
Where I am currently living and working - Melbourne. I'm in love with the art galleries, international acts that tour on a regular basis, the food and people. I could go on forever about this place, it is really special.

Best travel tip?
Always pack light, have a first aid kit in case of emergencies and always keep an open mind. Oh and maybe have your favourite lipstick on hand, just in case.


Best anti-jetlag tip?
I use earplugs on every flight and drink lots of water. When I get off the plane, I sit with my feet up the wall for at least five minutes to help with my circulation.

Worst travel experience?
Losing my luggage. But thankfully Virgin airlines returned it to my door the next day. Phew.

Please finish this sentence. It's not a proper holiday unless . . .
You take a wrong turn and you have to figure out what to do next. I think every holiday needs an element of spontaneity, it creates excitement and forces you to give in to the moment and be open to meeting new people and having a true adventure.

Where is your next holiday?
Kangaroo Island in Australia. I always think it is great to explore your own backyard first before taking your next adventure abroad. New Zealand and Australia have so much to offer and every time I return to either one of them I am always reminded how lucky we are to live in paradise.

Zoe Cramond is a New Zealand actress. She stars as Amy Robinson in Neighbours, TV2, 6.30pm weeknights.