How often do you travel?

Frequently. I'm away about three to four months a year, on average.

Best holiday ever?

Ibiza. You don't have to be 18 and love the dance clubs to enjoy yourself there.


Best get-away-from-it-all place to escape to and why?

Hahei is the best beach in the country, but never too crowded.

Best meal you've eaten while travelling?

I spend a lot of time in India and I enjoy a curry. I never used to enjoy spice but now I want it hot.

Best anti-jetlag tip?

It's more acceptance of jetlag than anything. Sleep when you want. I don't get hung up about it any more.

Where would you love to return to and why?

Most of my travel is to cricket-playing countries. I simply need to visit New York again - but for longer.

Worst travel experience?

Flight delays. Feeling like you're going nowhere fast is frustrating.

Most remote place you've been?

Probably one of the Caribbean Islands like Grenada, St Lucia or Antigua.

Most luxurious travel moment?

Easy. The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. That hotel is in a different league. One morning, I had breakfast with Coldplay on one side of me and Andrea Bocelli on the other.

What do you hate about travelling?

Nothing other than time away from home. I've been a cricketer for 20 years and now a commentator. That means a lot of hotels.

Finish this sentence. It's not a proper holiday unless . . .

You don't care how much you spend.

Where is your next holiday?

Hopefully Cuba. I'm trying to convince my wife to go next year. It's possible I'm already planning to be in the Caribbean in July, so that makes it easy. I've only heard good things.

Scott Styris is part of the Sky Sport cricket commentary team.