What was your greatest holiday?

Japan. That place is crazy, whacky, cool. I love that you can be in the middle of a metropolis that's straight out of a comic book, then two hours later by train you're looking at some of the oldest man-made wooden structures on earth.

And the worst?
Couldn't say. Maybe getting carsick as a kid because I insisted on travelling in the rear section of our VW station wagon. That's where the engine is. Do the math.

If we bump into you on holiday, what are you most likely to be doing?
Most likely enjoying local beer, local food, and local people. Sightseeing is all well and good, but the highlights, for me, are always the people.


If we could teleport you to one place in New Zealand for a week-long holiday, where would it be?
That's tough . . . reeeeeaally tough. As long as I get teleported with a motorbike, I don't care where. I truly love it all.

How about for a dream holiday internationally?
The USA by motorcyle for three months, with no plans.

What's the dumbest thing you've ever done when travelling?
Not packing gloves when I went to Utah for Sundance. Utah. Winter. No gloves? Moron.

Complete this sentence: I can't travel without...
Ear plugs and an eye mask. Boring? Yes. Predictable? Absolutely. But, really, what else do you actually need?

What's the best travel tip you've ever been given?
It's not your home. Don't be a dick.

What was the most memorable meal you've had while travelling?
Sapori Di Napoli in Montreal. Best. Italian. Ever.

What's the best thing you've brought back from a trip?
I wanna say memories. Cue groaning. But yeah, memories.

Favourite airport to land at?
I liked Rarotonga simply because you feel like you're on holiday the instant you hop off the plane.


What's the next trip you've got planned?
I'd love to get back to Montreal. Had the greatest time shooting Turbo Kid there last year.

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