Zoe Walker flies across the Pacific to sunny Hawaii.

The plane:

Airbus A330-200.

Class: Economy.

On time? Leaving late Saturday night, there was a slight delay but we boarded quickly enough.


My seat: A window seat, in a row of two. The aisles seem very narrow, so if you're in an aisle watch your legs and arms or you'll get knocked and bumped throughout the flight.

Fellow passengers: A mix of tourists heading to Hawaii for a holiday - we spotted a few Hawaiian shirts - and those transiting to the United States, like us.

How full? Empty enough for my travel buddy to be able to move across the aisle to claim two seats when it was time for a sleep.

Entertainment: A slightly random selection of free TV shows and films, with one new release. I chose Dumb and Dumber.

The service: Sadly, no leis on arrival, but the countless "alohas" and "mahalos" in the safety videos and from the cabin crew definitely get you in the Hawaiian mood.

Food and drink: I passed on dinner, having eaten earlier in the evening. There was a mix of Hawaiian soft drinks, and one free glass of wine. The snacks were the highlight: early in the flight you're given a "pau hana" snack mix - a tiny bag of almonds, corn chips, cheddar corn sticks and rice triangles. Later, a chocolate-covered macadamia nut. So good, my travel partner bought a box from the snack bar on the flight back from Hawaii to Auckland.

The toilets: Clean and tidy, nothing memorable.

Luggage: A very generous luggage allowance was a big perk, especially for the photographer I was travelling with. We were able to check in two bags weighing up to 32kg each. That's especially handy for the journey home after a shopping spree.


Would I fly with them again? Between Auckland and Honolulu, definitely. Depart at 11.55pm, settle in and sleep, nine hours later you're in sunny Honolulu feeling refreshed. The flights between Hawaii and mainland USA? That's a different column.

The writer travelled as a guest of Hawaiian Airlines.