I visited the town of Aldworth once.

It's a cracking spot. A beautiful wee English village where a few dozen little houses gather around the pub, whose doors open straight out on to the cricket field.

The pub is called The Bell and was built in 1340, shortly after Polynesian feet had first made their mark on the shores of New Zealand. If you're anything like average height, you'll have to duck under many of the door frames in The Bell Inn. Times have changed, people have grown - someplaces have stood beautifully still.

If you like a good pub, you'll love this one.


I told the woman running the bar I was an Aldworth - the laird returned to the manor, so to speak. They get a few travelling Aldworths drop into Aldworth, she told me, mostly from Canada. A couple of other drinkers wandered over to check me out. All friendly, mind you, nothing Deliverance-ish about it. Well, not much.

There are no Aldworths left living in Aldworth these days and, sadly, there was no mention of a vast inheritance waiting for a rightful Antipodean claimant. But I did get something.

She fished out an Aldworth cricket team sweatshirt for me (the lads were in the field while we were there), and invited me back to play for (or against, if I could round up 10 mates) the village team. I had to insist that she let me pay for my pint. Good people. A nosey up the family tree is the one trip that everyone should make.

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A holiday high

It's the tourism boom that dare not mumble its name.

The Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) could be about to promote marijuana tourism following its legalisation for recreational use in the United States by both Washington State and Colorado. Uruguay has become the first country in the world to go for total legalisation.

A CTO conference this week will look at the debate about marijuana tourism. It's tricky. They don't want to put off "straight" visitors, but they do want the best for their industry.