Winston Aldworth stays at a stylish Sydney property.

Getting there:

The hotel is right in the middle of town, so very handy for trains and buses. A taxi from the airport costs about $30-$40. The 15-minute walk past Darling Harbour to meet a mate for drinks in the Rocks was a pleasant one.

Check-in experience: As I arrived, a beautiful woman in black leather pants and a red wig guided me inside. Her job title - "Director of Chaos" - hinted at things to come.

Room: I walk in and put my card into the slot that makes the power come on. The lights flick on and AC/DC's Back in Black starts playing immediately! WT actual F? A hotel room that plays Back in Black when you walk in?! This is the greatest thing ever! But how did they know I like AC/DC? ... Ah, hang on ... I see. My travel buddy had arrived in Sydney before me, checked into the hotel and gone out, leaving the telly on. The song began the moment I put my card in the slot. So: It was just blind luck, but the timing was auspicious and set me up emotionally for a cracking night out in Sydney.


Noise: Street noise wasn't too bad, despite the central location and the well-known fact that All Australians Are Rowdy Hoons. But the wooden floors (it's an old department store) made for a bit of percussion.

Price: Rooms start at around $370 per night, depending on which of the cryptic booking sites you go through.

What's so good about this place? It's got a great style and funk thing going on, making the QT ideal for an "urban explorer" weekend across the Ditch.

And the bad? Some critics have said the staff are more beautiful than useful. They ticked both boxes for me.

What's in the neighbourhood? The Sydney Tower is across the road.

Toiletries: Soaps, shampoos and assorted rubs in little stylish, funky bottles, all from USpa.

Food and drink: We had late-night drinks and bleary-eyed breakfast in the QT's fabulous restaurant, Gowings Bar & Grill. This place would be a roaring success even without the hotel attached.

The bed: A tad on the hard side and covered in way too many cushions and pillows. I had to chuck them on the ground at bedtime - and so, inevitably, nearly tripped on one when heading to the loo during the night.


A room with a view? Not particularly. But there's plenty to look at on the inside.

Bathroom: The massive, round bathtub is straight out of a hip-hop video. Sadly, we didn't get time to have a dip. Plus, as two heterosexual mates, it'd be a bit awkward. But, hey, take a lover.

Perfect for: You're young, you're cool, you're in Sydney for a good time. I was at least one of those three things.

Would I return? In a flash. This place has character and spark, a great location and style. It's fabulous.

QT Sydney is at 49 Market Street, Sydney, Australia. Phone: +61 2 8262 0000.

The writer travelled as a guest of and Emirates.