If you're a water baby like Megan Singleton, there's lots to do in California's Marina del Rey.

I have just discovered the quiet beachside resort of Marina del Rey. It sits just south of loud and brash Venice Beach and the fast-paced shopping and throng of Santa Monica. It's only a short taxi ride from LAX and if you're a water baby, this will make the perfect LA stopover.

1. Learn to paddleboard

I had been meaning to try paddleboarding ever since I saw people standing on their surfboards in Hawaii about six years ago. They made it look so easy. And with a wobbly start I too began to look the part. I declined trying my luck with the martial arts paddleboarding classes. By the way, yoga on paddleboards is so last year.

2. Go fishing


I love fishing, so when I had the chance to go out on a half-day fishing charter with Marina del Rey Sportfishing far off the Santa Monica coastline, I jumped at it. The Pacific Ocean was as flat as a lake the day I joined the retired regulars who go out several times a week. With live squid bait, the fish were hungry and although my undersized lingcod had to go back, I'd do this again any day.

3. Parasail over Venice Beach

Hanging under a huge yellow, smiley face parachute, I flew along the coast looking down on Venice Beach, all the way to the pier at Santa Monica. If you have really good eyesight you'll also see the Hollywood sign, but I was too busy filming the whole thing on my rented GoPro to notice anything but the beach and LA's skyscrapers in the distance.

4. Brunch cruises

For a special occasion join Hornblower Cruises for a champagne brunch in the marina. You go right to the end of the marina and turn around just before you head into the Pacific, so it's very calm. The buffet food is great. If you're a fan of whole cooked prawns, you won't be disappointed.

5. Stay at Jamaica Bay Inn

This hotel is on the edge of the lagoon with a view over the marina. Book a balcony room and watch the water lovers below, dine on their restaurant terrace, or wander to one of many nearby eateries. It's also got great conference facilities and is a magnet for beachside weddings.

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