Graham Reid flies SQ425 from India to Singapore.

The plane:

The spacious and aesthetically pleasing 777-200R

Class: Promisingly was checked in at the Business desk (but only because I had one bag). It was economy thereafter.

Price: Someone else was paying so ...


On time? Rolled down the runway 10 minutes after scheduled departure, made up the difference en route.

My seat: 39H. I had asked for an aisle seat because it was a night flight and there was nothing to see. There was a spare seat between me and the Singaporean man who feel asleep during the safety announcement.

Fellow passengers: Mixed.

How full? Almost.

Entertainment: About 80 movies including Les Miserables, Jack Reacher, The Hobbit, various Indian, European and Chinese films, kids' channels, TV programmes (125), radio, music and apps.

The service: Typically professional, attentive and unhurried.

Food and drink: All of that, and very good options (to reflect the cosmopolitan travelers).

The toilets: Clean and sufficient.


Luggage: One in the hold, small carry-on.

The airport experience: I'd been warned Mumbai was slow and it was true. Many passengers had an unnatural amount of baggage (a family of three with three large trunks and nine pieces of carry-on). Security check was slow, but it's better to get it right.

Would I fly this again? Some might say yes, just to get out of 40 degrees and noisy Mumbai. But yes, because it was a comfortable flight ... albeit with a bumpy landing.