The best holiday I ever had was...

Six months in the South of France on my way to study clown in Paris. We stayed in tiny villages in the middle of nowhere working in people's houses and gardens in exchange for bed, food and French lessons.

And the worst was... When we lived in UK I did a super cheap package deal to a tacky resort in Spain to get some sun. Three days surrounded by Brits who never left the resort and complained the whole time about people not speaking English or selling fish and chips.

With endless time and money I'm off to... France again. I'd love to take our play, The Pantry Shelf, to the Avignon Theatre Festival, a region where they really love food. I'd then continue travelling around France indulging in too much cheese and wine.


My best travel advice is... Go to small towns and stay with the locals. Force yourself out of your comfort zone. The food, conversations and experiences are the weird and wonderful and ones you never forget.

I never leave home without... My husband. He can put up with my tantrums.

* Marion Shortt co-wrote and performs (as a muesli bar) in The Pantry Shelf at The Basement theatre, August 16-25. See for more information.