The best holiday I have ever had was...

A 10-day tour of Sinai with my then new partner and our two best friends. We drove with our sailing boat on top, and went to Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Neweiba, Taba and Mt Moses.

And the worst was... A tour of southwest Colorado, staying at the magical Mesa Verde National Park. It had nothing to do with the place, but rather the company. I will visit the place again without her.

With endless time and money I'm off to... Bed! Then the next morning to school to study business, finance and non-profit organisation management. This way I can learn how to manage money, make it last, use it for the greater good and be off to wherever I would want to go, as often as I want, without burning through the money too quickly...


The best travel advice I have is... Just like a crisis brings out the best in people, being on holiday can bring out the worst, as people relax and let down their guard. So be careful who you choose as a travel companion.

I never leave home without... My iPad and dental floss.

* Egyptian bass-baritone Ashraf Sewailam sings the role of Sparafucile in the NBR New Zealand Opera's production of Rigoletto, opening in Wellington on May 19 and in Auckland on June 7.