The best holiday I've ever had was...

three months in Africa, cruising around on my own in buses from Morocco down to Mali, across to Burkina Faso then down to Ghana, then on a plane to Addis in Ethiopia. Recording music, hunting vinyl, meeting great, great people, not getting sick and feeling really awesome all of the time.

And the worst was... I always love holidays. I can't remember a dumb one ... maybe locally ... maybe going away for a weekend to a fancy lodge or something. I goddamn hate fancy lodges.

With endless time and money I'm off to... South America. My next big trip will be a following the spread of cumbia, a type of music I love from Colombia. I'd start there, head to Peru, then Argentina, then up to Mexico City. And I'd buy bloody heaps of records. Heeeeeaps ...


The best travel advice I have is... don't buy special clothes for travelling. Just wear what you wear day to day. You might be in a country you're not used to, but if you be yourself you will have an easier time of it.

I never leave home without... my rollies, my notebook, my belt.

* Barnie Duncan will perform in Constantinople on May 11-12 as part of the 20th NZ International Comedy Festival.