The best holiday I've ever had was...

in little town called Bracciano just outside Rome, with small, cobbled streets and a 15th-century castle. We went to a tiny local restaurant run by a chef who, when he found out I was from NZ, cancelled the meals we had ordered and instead cooked a damned expensive leg of NZ lamb he'd bought on a whim.

And the worst was... Singapore. I developed a rash which, apparently, was caused by my body becoming allergic to the yeast in my sweat. The doctor suggested I wash myself with anti-dandruff shampoo. Win, win.

With endless time and money I'm off to... the website tells me the world is made up of 872 countries, territories, autonomous regions, enclaves, geographically separated island groups and major states and provinces. To visit all 872 of them is to have been everywhere. I'd do that with a friend.


The best travel advice I have is... change your socks during the last third of long-haul flights. Oh man, a change of socks just makes it all okay.

I never leave home without... my house key. Although I did it recently and was alarmed at how easy it was to break into my house.

* Jamie Bowen will perform his show Munfred Bernstein's Cabinet of Wonder at the Comedy Festival from May 1-5 at Q Theatre.