One of the stories most retold in my family is how when I was a five-year-old, my parents (accidentally, they say) left me at a dairy in Northland. We were on a summer holiday and had stopped at the dairy briefly.

Afterwards, everyone got back in the car and set off on the journey again - except me. My family travelled several kilometres before realising I wasn't in the back seat.

Panicking, they turned around and fortunately found me exactly where they'd left me, standing on the side of the road.

If only I'd had a Me Finder back then. It's a digital wristband, for children up to age eight, that displays five contact phone numbers in case the child gets lost.


It's ideal for trips to the beach, shopping mall, parks or anywhere your child can wander out of sight.

Our 6-year-old was keen to wear it, pretending it was a watch and enjoying the onscreen animations.

And he reckoned it was easier than having to remember our phone number - which kids can easily forget when they're lost and scared. We'll definitely be using it for our younger son, who is a bit of a wanderer.

* The Show and Tell Me Finder is $24.95 from