The best holiday I've ever had was ...

a one-day stop-over in Singapore staying at the Wanderlust Hotel. The next day we rediscovered Haji Lane.

And the worst was ... stuck in a campervan touring the Japanese Island of Kyushu with an Australian couple who wouldn't stop arguing.

With endless amounts of time and money I'm off to ... buy a wooden-decked boat and sail around the world for a couple of years. I'll recruit friends as crew and sail to all the remote islands where our long lost pals are hiding out.


My best travel advice is ... go slow. See less and enjoy more.

I never leave home without ... books, scarves and skincare.

* Jyoti Morningstar is the creative director of clothing label We'ar It and taking part in the New Zealand Fashion Festival this week. She will show her collection tomorrow, Monday, February 27 at 8.30pm in Shed 10, Queens Wharf.