What's your favourite New Zealand holiday spot?



I've been going there every summer since I was born. My family is from Wellington and we would drive up the island for a whole month in the sun. We found the place because Mum and Dad were touring a theatre show around New Zealand campgrounds and once they got to Piha they couldn't leave.


What's it like?

It has so much energy even when the weather is calm. Also it feels like Summer Bay in Home and Away. I have always wanted to be in Home and Away.

How many times have you been there?

Every year since I have been born, so 33 summers.

Best memory there?

Sitting around connected picnic tables in the campground with all my family and friends celebrating Christmas.

Where are you spending summer this year?

Thailand. Myself and my wife are going to cruise around with minimal plans and enjoy the Thais' beautiful country.

Dai Henwood is a New Zealand comedian and TV personality.