Do you travel light or heavy?

It always seems to be heavy. No matter how hard I try, whether it's a small backpack and I'm heading for the hills or a big suitcase for a round-the-world trip, my bags are always packed to the gunnels.

Cattle or first class?

I love business ... Stretched out, a Bloody Mary (just the one ... oh go on, twist my arm ... ) and then non-stop movies. Alas, it's more often squeezed down the back with the seat in front squashing my dinner tray.

I can't travel without ...


My giant Louis Vuitton fine wool scarf. It looks just the part up the front of the plane and doubles as a cosy blanket down the back. Plus I always have a notebook and pen. I have some of my most creative thoughts when travelling - away from the routine of daily life you have time to notice the smallest things, which are often the greatest.

Most memorable trip?

In New Zealand, a road trip in winter around the East Cape with one of my dearest friends. We met the most amazing people along the way. Abroad, it has to be India - the colours, the flavours, the people. It's intense at times and unbelievably freeing at others.

Favourite or most exciting airport to land in?

Anywhere you step off a plane and are enveloped in warm, fragrant, exotic air. You know you've arrived somewhere completely different and no matter how long you've been on a cramped plane, there's a wonderful sense of anticipation for what adventures lie ahead.

Amanda Linnell is the editor of Viva - the fashion, food, wine and design magazine which is free in in your NZ Herald every Wednesday.