Do you travel light or heavy?

Heavy - I'm notorious for it, but I hate leaving things behind!

Cattle or first class?

I'm a bit of a Premium Economy fan.


I can't travel without...

My Panasonic mini noise cancelling headphones - they are unbelievably good.

What type of suitcase do you carry?

An aluminum-style case, but more often than not, my snowboard bag.

What's the best thing you've brought back from a trip?

The most interesting was an Inukshuk from Canada. It's a stone sculpture made by Inuits for guidance and navigation, and was a symbol of the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Favourite or most exciting airport to land in?

Nice in France, en-route to the Grand Prix in Monaco - absolutely magic.

Most memorable trip?

We marked a milestone with a recent trip to Aspen - brilliant atmosphere, great company, the best snowboarding of my life and don't forget the Absolut cocktails to celebrate a friend's 40th.

Dave Poole is Head of Marketing for Pernod Ricard NZ, who most recently launched the Absolut NZ Limited Edition, a collaboration with leading New Zealand fashion brand, Huffer, available from mid July.