I really don't like wearing moneybelts. Yes, I know there are some very skilful pickpockets out there, but the money belts I've tried always feel uncomfortable, make me sweat (I have to put the contents in plastic bags) and are often embarrassing to make a withdrawal from.

In recent years I've mostly used trekpants with secure pockets to hold any valuables I need to carry round.

So for me this DesignGo Belt Bank is a very useful alternative: a standard belt you can use to hold your pants up - always a good idea - with long, thin zipped compartment you can stuff with notes.

Obviously it's no good for carrying your passport or credit cards but it should certainly keep your cash away from thieving hands while you wander through a crowded local market.

It's slightly awkward to use - though much easier than the standard money belt - and perfectly comfortable.

The belt bank sells for $39.99 and is distributed in New Zealand by Signature Marketing which has product stands at selected Unichem, Amcal and Life pharmacies, Farmers, Briscoes, Pac 'n' Pedal and the Automobile Association.