This one's especially for grandparents (though it'll be useful for plenty of other people).

MyAlbum: a slim digital photo frame with built-in leather wallet, easy to carry and ideal for showing off the grandkids if you're visiting friends and relatives overseas, or for displaying your fantastic travel photos anywhere.

Unlike some other digital frames I've used it's very easy to operate, there's a good 7-inch display screen and a battery able to provide 3-4 hours of viewing, surely enough to see off even the most enthusiastic relatives.

There's a built-in card reader able to take images from SD-type cards and 1GB of internal memory, enough for a goodly stack of pictures, meaning you can just plug it into the computer and download all your favourites of Molly with her black eye and Jamie with the big butterfly on his forehead.

My wife liked the idea so much she took MyAlbum to a local cafe so friends could admire our grandkids over their post-t'ai chi coffee.

For further details see here.