Warm hands, warm heart. And in the snow, warm hands, head and feet are essential to enjoying the experience.

Even on the bleakest day, in the middle of a heavy snowfall, these gloves rise to the challenge. They fit like a glove (sorry, awful pun) and look stylish yet discreet, in black.

There's an easy-do, easy-undo fastener round the wrist area on each glove, and the gloves' extended gaiter tightens through the toggle-like fastener over your jacket arm so no moisture can drip or run down to your hand, always an unpleasant sensation. The gloves have enough substance to keep hands warm while still allowing enough movement and feeling through the layers for holding on to ski poles or undoing bags or zippers.

And I won't be packing them away with the rest of my ski gear as they also keep my hands warm and allow finger mobility when I'm riding my moped. Guess they could be described as good all-rounders.

Kathmandu Gore-Tex Alpine Gloves retail at $169.98.