Do you travel light or heavy?

Motivated by making my journey as easy as possible, I pack as lightly as I can.

Cattle or first class?

I've not had the privilege of first class.


I can't travel without...

The music scores I'm working on. Scores are usually quite heavy so on this trip I've tried scanning some of my sheet music and storing it on my computer. Maybe the new iPad might come up with a solution as my Mac doesn't fit all that well on to a piano music stand.

What type of suitcase do you carry?

I have one nice silver Antler suitcase which has effectively negotiated countless curbs and stairs at high speed.

What's the best thing you've brought back from a trip?

I love the Kenny wrap I bought last year from Ricochet in Wellington. It's a very adaptable wool poncho that can be worn many different ways. I've been endlessly entertained with working out how to wear it each day and it's kept me warm throughout the freezing British winter.

Most memorable trip?

My first bus journey in Christchurch after living in Britain for six years - I'd forgotten that smiling and saying hello to the driver here will not get you locked up in an insane asylum.


Wendy Dawn Thompson sings the role of Cherubino in the NBR New Zealand Opera's production of

The Marriage of Figaro

, on now in Wellington and opening in Auckland on Thursday, June 3. More info at