Kiwis are being urged not to travel to some areas of Thailand and to be extremely careful in others after martial law was declared across the country.

The Thai military made the announcement yesterday as political unrest in which 20 people have died since November reached fever pitch.

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On May 7 the Constitutional Court of Thailand removed caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and a number of Cabinet ministers from office.

The Thai military said yesterday the declaration of martial law was not a coup and that the caretaker government remained in place. It will stay in place until June 30, allowing that government to impose curfews, put up security checkpoints and restrict movement in Bangkok and surrounding provinces.

There are around 990 New Zealand nationals registered as being in Thailand. "We continue to advise New Zealanders in Thailand to avoid all rallies, demonstrations and large public gatherings," a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesman said. He said Thai authorities had issued a similar warning.