It's the noodle brand we've grown to love, but did you know you've probably been saying it wrong?

The correct way to pronounce Maggi noodles came up during a 10-second commercial on Thursday night's MasterChef: Back to Win episode, leaving many fans confused.

When a voiceover pronounced the well-known brand as "Madge-y", viewers immediately took to Twitter to discuss whether they have been "lied" to their entire lives.

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"Since when did everyone just collectively decide it was pronounced "Madge-y'' instead of "Mag-ee'' or did I just grow up being lied to?" one stunned fan tweeted.

"I pronounce in Magg-eeee," said another.

"Wait, what, I always pronounced Maggi with a hard G," a third commented, while another fan said: "Most important thing we learnt tonight is how Maggi is actually pronounced."

Others refused to accept it, saying the pronunciation in the commercial is incorrect. "No. The ad is pronouncing Maggi wrong! It's a hard g, it's not like magic!" one person demanded.

According to the brand's official website, the pronunciation of Maggi depends on which country you live in – for example, in the US, they pronounce it with a "hard g" as in "magnet", but in Australia, it's pronounced with a "soft d" as in "madgee".

During the show's immunity challenge, MasterChef contestants were tasked to make a dish using the popular noodle brand.