Disney+ just has dropped its first content announcement for New Zealand viewers on Instagram.

While fans in the US have already begun enjoying the new streaming platform, Kiwi fans will have to wait patiently until the site goes live here on November 19.

But in the mean time, Disney+ has finally given us a clue as to what we can expect, posting an almost overwhelming series of titles to its Instagram account.

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On the list are the big names which have been drawing attention overseas like the highly-anticipated Mandalorian series and the live action Lady and the Tramp.

There's also new offerings like High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, The World According to Jeff Goldblum, Marvel's Hero Project and Encore!, as well as recently released Marvel blockbusters like Captain Marvel and Avengers: Infinity War, as well as Star Wars films including Solo: A Star Wars Story.

There are also a host of Disney classics (dating all the way back to Snow White, Miracle on 34th Street and Bedknobs and Broomsticks), family favourites (like Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lion King titles, Moana and Finding Nemo) and Disney Channel staples (like That's So Raven, Zapped and Wizards of Waverley Place).

On top of that, you've got all your National Geographic offerings, like Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, Hostile Planet and Earth Live.

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And this isn’t the half of it...

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The platform, according to Disney+, will have "all these and more" when the site launches on Tuesday.

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