It should come as no surprise to anyone by now, but Stranger Things is a massive hit.
While Netflix would never, ever release streaming stats around individual programs (heavens forfend!), all indications are viewers love the 80s-themed supernatural adventure series.

Over the past two seasons, fans have feverishly embraced the kids and adults of Hawkins, Indiana, a small town where spooky things happen — methinks it has something to do with the portal to a different dimension.

But more than a showcase on the things that go bump in the night, Stranger Things have won over hearts for its nostalgic and spot-on portrayal of the flush of teen crushes and the enduring bonds of friendship. All together now, "awwww".

With a bona fide commercial and critical hit on its hand, Netflix has confirmed the series has been renewed for a third season. Though don't expect it to land on the service anytime soon — it was a 15-month break between the first and second instalments.


There were strong hints the renewal was coming with show creators the Duffer brothers saying prior to the season two release that they had planned for four seasons.

The second season closed out most of the dangling threads but there were two whoppers just hanging there (SPOILER ALERT:) like the big bad Mind Flayer's hulking form stalking the school in the Upside Down — "I'll be watching you…" – and the fate of Eleven's powered punk-wannabe sister (actually, can we not revisit that plot?).

What we do know about the season three is scant but it has been revealed there will be another time jump — the kids' voices are breaking and it's hard to hide those growth spurts. Also, Matthew Modine's Dr Brenner, seemingly killed off in the first season — but, hey, we never saw a body — is alive.

Stranger Things seasons one and two is currently streaming on Netflix.