Shannon has been eliminated from Survivor New Zealand, after losing a shock Redemption Island challenge to Jak and Mike.

Christchurch zookeeper Shannon Quinn was voted to Redemption Island last week by her tribemates, where she had to face Mike, who had called her "fake" just the week before.

The contestants were shocked to discover they had to participate in a three-way challenge, from which the two winning contestants would be sent straight back to Redemption Island.

Upon her elimination, Quinn said: "I'm feeling pretty gutted. If I was going to go out, I wanted to go out a strong competitor and I feel like my performance here was just shocking.


"I'm proud of how far I've come, for a girl just from little old Geraldine and making it to day 30. I'm proud of that, and it was a great journey, I've met some amazing people and I've had so much fun being in this game."

Quinn is the ninth person to be eliminated from Survivor NZ, with just seven contestants still in the running.