There's a new boyband in town. Step Dave's Jono Kenyon 25, Shortland Street's Richard Osborne and James Tito of the Modern Maori Quartet are flatmates in central Auckland - and now the trio have formed a band called The Broz NZ. They harmonise modern rock classics - and gave new meaning to bath time when their cover of Sex and Candy by Everclear was filmed in the bath. It has had 64,000 views on Facebook.

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The boys met at drama school in Wellington and started the group in the hope it would prove a chick magnet. They went their own ways after graduating but are now flatting together in Grey Lynn. Kenyon and Osborne tell Spy Tito has acting chops, too. "It has only really been since graduating from drama school that James has invested most of his energy into his music.

"He combined acting and music with his involvement in TV One's variety show, Happy Hour and is filming a feature with Temuera Morrison."


Tito and Kenyon have been gigging at Ponsonby Workingmen's Club, where fans tell Spy they are very talented so might quickly become something bigger.

The trio say they are rebranding their show from Sunday sessions to something more expansive - which may include celebrity guests.

Watch The Broz NZ cover Sex and Candy here:

What do you get when you put Step Dave, Shortland Street and a member of the Modern Māori Quartet together...

Posted by The Bros NZ on Friday, 15 May 2015

"We can't say attracting girls is now our main reason for starting the venture. We want anyone and everyone to watch our videos. However a cheeky serenade may go down at our flat from time to time," said Kenyon.