They were the team everyone loved to hate. But My Kitchen Rules finalists Kelly Ramsay and Chloe James say it's gone too far.

The pair lost last night's MKR grand final to South Australian mums Bree and Jessica, which originally screened in Australia in April.

Just days later, 27-year-old Kelly Ramsay revealed the toll the cooking reality show had taken on her, as she was hospitalised with exhaustion and suspected bleeding on the brain.

The seasoned traveller also says she's broke and back living with her parents.


In an interview with, Kelly revealed how her life has dramatically taken a turn for the worse since the portrayal of her and her teammate Chloe on the show, ruining their reputation and leading to her being bullied.

"We have no money, I have people trolling my work to fire me, I was in hospital on Sunday with exhaustion. It cuts your whole soul, it cuts your being," she said.

The current apprentice chef revealed that not only does she and Chloe still receive hateful emails, but several people had recently entered her workplace on different occasions demanding for her to be fired for her behavior on the the reality TV show.

The show has proved to be a financial burden on the budding chef, who admitted that she had to move back in with her parents due to the financial hardships associated with living off of an apprentice wage, blaming the show for her inability to find work.

But the high stress and pressure of her situation has also led to physical problems.

Kelly revealed that she was admitted to hospital in May after an extreme migraine left doctors worried that she might have bleeding in her brain.

After arriving at the Royal Perth Hospital via ambulance, the chef was given the all clear and told her vomiting and loss of vision were likely to be caused by her extreme exhaustion and stress.

Kelly maintains that her and her teammate's comments were taken out of context and their positive remarks edited out for entertainment purposes, to portray the girls as the villains of the show - a reputation she fears they will carry with them throughout their careers.

"I think they took it too far this year with the whole villain thing. All the show is real essentially, it's a lot of editing and creative characters. Things are often taken out of context," she said.

"You never saw us cry when anybody left, you never heard anything positive come out of our mouths. We said a lot of positive things and we cried on several occasions when people left the show. By taking that out it made us look like super-negative people."

The cooking duo hoped that the negativity would die down once the show finished, despite the intense reaction from viewers who were infuriated by the friends making it through to the grand final.

This fury was expressed through a Boycott MKR Grand Final 2014 Facebook page, which encouraged the over three millions viewers expected to tune in to the series finale, to boycott the show in an attempt to tell Channel Seven they don't condone the Perth girls' back-handed comments and catty behavior.

"By liking this page we are showing channel 7 we aren't watching your rigged MKR grand final and season 2015! WE WON'T STAND FOR BULLYING!" reads the byline.

- Daily Mail