TV3 has clarified the role that Anna Guy will have in a series of television programmes on its current affairs show 3rd Degree.

It was earlier reported that the 31-year-old, whose former husband Ewen Macdonald was acquitted of her brother's murder, would host the shows. However, a statement from the programme's executive producer, Terence Taylor, said Guy would be appearing in three stories which would be about herself.

She would be talking about how she is dealing with the twin tragedies that have befallen her - the loss of her brother and the imprisonment of her husband - and how she is establishing a new life for herself, he said.

"We will be with her as she goes to visit Ewen in jail, as she says goodbye to family and friends in Feilding, and as she moves to Auckland to set up home.


"These stories will be shot, edited and put together by the experienced 3rd Degree production team. They will be similar to other stories in the past about her, but with a slight stylistic twist: they will be told through her eyes and in her own words.

"We think they will provide a fascinating insight into a woman who has found herself in a unique and awful situation, and who seems to be coping with both courage and dignity."

3rd Degree will be hosted by Duncan Garner and Guyon Espiner.

Ms Guy earlier told The Herald she planned to make a decision on her career by the end of the year, and move to Auckland after that with her sons and daughter, aged 4 to 9.

"I'm seeing someone in Auckland, so that's definitely a pull," she said. "I've got itchy feet and, you know, I've got nothing to lose."

She said she always loved performing, and had been acting and singing since the age of 10.

"Broadcasting and public speaking is something I am interested in."

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