A controversial reality show starring Jaime and Sally Ridge came to an end last night with ratings that suggest a second season could be a distinct possibility.

The Ridges started its six-episode run with 325,130 viewers, but viewers increasingly departed over the next four episodes, with just 125,000-odd viewers tuning in last week, Throng.co.nz reported.

But viewers returned for last night's one-hour finale, with 291,310 viewers tuning in to see Jaime's highly publicised boxing match against The GC's Rosanna Arkle.

That made it the second most popular show on TV3 last night, behind 3 News with 365,750 viewers.


The ratings raised speculation of a second season on Twitter, but TV3 was coy, tweeting: "No word yet on a second season but watch this space."

The Ridges drew criticism for its lack of action and the appearance of what appeared to be a trained mouse scaring the girls in the show's first episode.