American comedian Jon Stewart has won an Emmy Award - but The Daily Show host could find himself in hot water after dropping an F-bomb during the live TV ceremony.

Stewart cussed while accepting the award for Outstanding Variety, Comedy or Music Series, which went to his popular "fake" news show, The Daily Show.

He called the awards "f***king predictable" while poking fun at the otherwise tame events of the evening during his acceptance speech.

"Years from now when the Earth is a burning husk and the aliens visit, they'll find a box of these and know just how predictable these f***ing things can be." he said.


The line, which was edited thanks to a five-second delay on American channels, made it to New Zealand screens on Sky's Vibe channel uncensored.

Stewart was lauded for his joke on Twitter.

Jean Laroche (@larochecbc) said: "That's the way you accept an emmy Jon Stewart. #emmys"

Samer Muallem (@element62): "Ricky Gervais spent his time onstage desperately trying to remind us he was once funny. Jon Stewart easily reminded us why he's always funny."

Linda (@LindasSweetBoy): "Even receiving his Emmy, Jon Stewart is hilarious!! Congrats @TheDailyShow!!"

And Erin Purdy Cataldo (@epurdy) said: "And Jon Stewart wins for most swear words in his speech... "