New reality television show The GC took a knock in ratings after its second episode this week, losing around 80,000 viewers.

However, TV3 says the programme is soaring online, with just over 121,000 watching the first episode on demand this week.

The show, which follows a group of young Maori on the Gold Coast, has been widely discussed since its debut episode aired last week.

About 370,000 people tuned in to watch that, making it the channel's top-rating show on the day.


But the second episode, which aired on Wednesday, did not gain as many viewers, with about 289,500 watching.

Nielsen television figures show that competing programmes on at the same 8pm time did significantly better. Animal Rescue on TV1 gained 527,000 viewers while 2 Broke Girls on TV2 got 456,900.

TV3 spokeswoman Rachel Lorimer said despite the ratings dip, they were still impressed at the amount of interest the new show had stirred.

"We're really pleased. It's really performed outside our expectations," she said.

Three hours after the second episode aired, about 10,000 people had watched it online. Figures released yesterday showed that around 121,000 people had watched the first episode throughout the week.

Ms Lorimer said the online debate - via blogs but particularly on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter - was also a good indicator the show was being received well.

"Most of the stuff people were [tweeting] about was about the stuff happening on the show at the time.

"The people who were talking about it were engaged in the show, asking others questions like, 'What do you think of this character'?"


Fans and critics alike continue to bombard social networking sites with their views of the reality show.

Some fans are already using terms known as "The GC Lingo" such as "neff" for nephew, "aunty" for a single girl, and "mumsie" for girlfriend.

On The GC Facebook page Peter Houia said: "Love the show my cuzzies," and Jacob Benge said: "This is the second week in a row I've been disgraced to be a New Zealander."