Domino's is bringing in some tech to challenge the age-old customer complaint that the ads always look better than the actual meal.

Pizza chain has equipped its New Zealand and Australian stores with technology that scans and assess the quality of each pizza made.

The technology which the trans-Tasman company has named 'Dom the pizza checker' is in response to its customers' number one complaint: its pizzas not looking like the pizzas pictured in its advertising and marketing.

Dom the pizza checker uses artificial intelligence to analyse and grade the pizzas based on the size, how much topping it has and the even distribution of the toppings. If the pizza does not meet the data of the pizza type it is compared to it is then rejected and operators are told to remake the order.


The pizza scanner has been implemented above the bench where pizza is cut.

Domino's Australia chief executive Nick Knight said the technology would regulate quality control and ensure that even in busier periods its quality would not be compromised.

"At Domino's, we are always working on how we can be better – whether that be delivering better ingredients, products or services to our customers. However, the reality of a busy store can sometimes mean pizzas go out which are below the high standards our customers expect, and quite frankly, deserve," Knight said.

The pizza scanner is the first stage of its innovation to regulate food quality, and more features would be added later this year, he said.

Domino's hopes to roll out a feature that allows customers to see their pizza in real time as it is put on the cut bench.

"We've been working hard with our technology partner Dragontail Solutions for more than two years to bring DOM Pizza Checker to life, and now it's time for our customers to put us to the ultimate test."

Domino's operations project manager Louise di Pauli and chief executive Nick Knight. Photo / Supplied
Domino's operations project manager Louise di Pauli and chief executive Nick Knight. Photo / Supplied

ASX-listed Domino's Pizza Enterprises holds the master franchise rights to the Domino's brand in nine countries including Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Japan and Germany.

It has 830 stores spread throughout Australia and New Zealand. The company would not confirm its total number of New Zealand stores.