Welcome to the world of app-enabled augmented reality aka 'holy heck there's Darth Vader in my living room about to attack me with a lightsaber'.

There have been countless iterations of Star Wars games since the first movie was released in 1977, believe me I've played most of them, but this one is certainly unique.

The set comes with a lightsaber, yes your very own, a Lenovo Mirage augmented reality headset and a tracking beacon which is a light that sits on the ground while you take on the likes of Darth Maul and Kylo Ren. It doesn't take long to set going. All you need is a newish smart phone, download the Jedi Challenges app and then place your phone into the headset. Your phone becomes the console.

It's not just lightsaber battles, but they are the most fun part of the experience. There is also a strategic combat mode where you take part in large battles and holochess, aka Dejarik which appeared in the famous 'let the Wookiee win' scene in Star Wars: A New Hope.


The lightsaber battle mode starts you out easy, first up against some battle droids before you get your real test against Darth Maul. From there you develop more skills, such as using the force, and progress though the list of Star Wars baddies.

Strategic combat brings a bird's eye commander like view of a battles between the Rebels and the Empire. Once again it's great fun, especially when you can unleash a Jedi onto the battle. Taking command of everything and being able to view the entire battle and walk around it is again, a unique way to play a game. It's still a great addition to Jedi Challenges and brings some variety that the set certainly needs.

Everyone in the office was keen to have a go and all enjoyed the experience. Whether it wouldn't overstay its welcome in your lounge remains to be seen as the repeat play once you've finished all the levels could be low.

There are a couple of other downsides. It's not a game you'll spend hours playing in one sitting, or should that be standing?, like you might on a PlayStation or Xbox, due to the fact that you have something sitting on your head. It's not heavy but it's exactly light either.

I also received a phone call while I was playing, which I wasn't able to answer since my phone was stored away in the headset. The other problem is that it's one player, so when I was watching my wife play I couldn't tell how she was doing.

But the great news is that Lenovo have announced today a multiplayer mode called Lightsaber Versus Mode. Both players would need a headset and lightsaber but that has the potential for some epic battles with mates.

Price: $279
Rating: 4/5