What are they?

They're wireless headphones that make you look like you've just walked from the set of a Blade Runner movie. Dear ear, a headphone company founded in New Zealand, favours fashion over functionality. "We are not trying to make headphones, we are trying to design fashion decors," they say, and everything, from their minimalist look to their futuristic feel, rings true to that.

What's in the box? The wireless Endear range comes with a pair of round in-ear speakers, a cute charging container, ear tips, a range of Comply foam tips, ear hooks, and a USB charging cable. There are two colours to choose from: black and white.

How do they work? I was sceptical about how these would sound. After all, the company admits they're trying to create a fashion accessory more than a must-have piece of tech. But after a couple of weeks of solid use, I'm impressed. Of all the wireless headphones I've used, these are the lightest and most comfortable to wear for long periods of time. If you like it loud and want phat bass, choose over-ear headphones instead. If you want something small, light, comfortable, cheap, and fashionable, these are perfect.

What's the best feature? A lot of design work has gone into the Endears, and it shows. The in-ear units are round, sleek and clearly the most futuristic-looking headphones on the market. If you want to feel like you're in The Jetsons, choose these.


And the worst?

All that design focus makes these a true fashion statement. You're going to get a few sideways glances if you walk down the street wearing the Endears. That's fine for those who dress to impress. For others who like to blend in a bit, these aren't for you.

Okay, how much are they? Surprisingly cheap, actually. The Endear range retails for around NZ$170, while Dear ear's wired sets are about half the price. They can be ordered online, but a concept store is rumoured to be opening in Auckland soon.