Health and safety training is not normally synonymous with fun, but Vodafone is aiming to change that after partnering with an Auckland based start-up.

Vodafone has introduced an interactive video developed by Omnicron Productions which allows staff to navigate through various health and safety scenarios and make in-video decisions about what to do.

"While we have always taken the health and safety of staff and customers seriously, recent changes in health and safety law mean it is now a business imperative to ensure staff know the rules inside out," said Max Riley health, safety and wellbeing manager.

"At Vodafone, we were looking for a different way of doing things that were both fun and engaging. Omnicron's solution ticked all the boxes," he said.


"The feedback on our new induction video has overwhelmingly reflected this mentality, with our staff reporting that our H&S training is the best and most enjoyable that they've ever completed."

The video was recently awarded the Gold Camera Award for Internal and Corporate Communications at the US International Film and Television Festival.

Omnicron executive producer Ondrej Havas said the interactive method of teaching shows that "using innovation can help reduce business risk."

"We have many years' experience producing corporate videos, and saw an opportunity to create a new form of video communication that engages audiences and reduces the number of training man-hours," Havas said.