Tiaho Phillips may be addicted to Pokemon Go, but she still finds time while playing it to help Rotorua's homeless.

"We go to the corner of Pukuatua and Tutanekai Sts every night, it's been cold so we thought we would take hot drinks and snacks down and we noticed a lot of homeless people."

The 27-year-old said she played along with her cousin, Erana Wiki, 26, for four to five hours a night and in that time they saw about six homeless people.

"We wanted to help, so now we always take extra food and hot drinks down."


She said when she first started playing she was going by herself but eventually she roped her cousin into the game and now they have made a lot of new friends.

Since having the idea to give to the homeless she has been trying to encourage others to do the same and says the game has even made improvements to her own life.

"It's stopped me from doing some stupid things, I was never a heavy drinker but now I don't drink at all.

"It's just so addictive and so much fun. I love it."