A treadmill in your spa, a coffee maker that'll brew on cue from your cellphone, a self-cleaning toilet, and a bed that massages are among a range of new household items featured at next week's Auckland Home Show.

More than 500 exhibitors will be showing off their newest trends and innovative products at the annual building and renovation expo that kicks off on Wednesday at the ASB showgrounds in Greenlane.

Corazon Miller takes a look at some of the new gadgets on offer.

• A treadmill and spa in one
Endless Pools E500 Swim Spa + treadmill option: RRP$59,980


This two-in-one package is more than just a novel experience, but one designed to give a runners' workout - without the risk of pain that can come from pounding a less forgiving surface.

The swim spa alone offers a "turbulence free, deep and wide counter current" with 52 options of speed available.

Hotspring general manager Aaron Sampson said the treadmill is an additional option to the spa that needs to be installed at point of purchase.

"The treadmill allows aqua jogging, low impact running and walking options which benefits everyone from daily exercise and training, to someone with an injury and using for active recovery."

The water workout is said to be particularly beneficial for those recovering from surgery or who have mobility issues, as the water supports the joints, making it a less painful experience.

This oversized spa, with the optional treadmill installed, offers a space for a low-impact workout, swimming or running, at the desired pace [up to 8.8km/h] and strength.

Launched in New Zealand in June, it's already been a hugely popular spa, and its makers are planning to launch an even bigger version of the spa in the new year, with plans for four models up to 6m in length.

• The smart, self-cleaning toilet
Kohler Veil Intelligent Wall-hung Toilet: RRP $5000

This "smart-toilet" has the ability to self-clean, is designed to maximise seat comfort and comes complete with a range of nifty features that can be operated at the touch of a button.

The Kohler Veil Smart toilet is all about offering a comfortable and completely hands-free sanitary experience.


Kohler Australia and New Zealand product marketing manager Dee Hunter said the toilet had only been on the market here for the past six months, but was already selling out.

"It's a completely touchless and completely paperless toilet," she said. "You can do your business and it will wash you, dry you and it has a deodoriser."

Washing options include a "soft-pulsating wash" or a "spiral wash" that can be followed by a blast of warm air.

The toilet's seat is all about comfort and cleanliness, with a curved surface to "minimise pressure points" made of an anti-bacterial material which can be heated to a desired temperature. It also comes with a touchless flushing system, a sensor-operated lid and a UV self-cleansing bidet.

Hunter said it was the "nicest, intelligent toilet around".

• The mobile-operated coffee machine
The Prima Donna Elite range: $3299-$3699

Getting your morning caffeine fix just got easier with the new range of Delonghi coffee-machines - that can be operated, via your smartphone, from the comfort of your own bed.


The Prima Donna Elite range offers a variety of stainless-steel models that work in conjunction with a mobile app that connects to each machine, via Bluetooth, to produce a steaming cup of coffee on demand.

Each model comes with a range of options for personalising each cup of coffee, including the aroma, milk and coffee quantity and temperature. For the caffeine-averse among us there's also a hot chocolate option.

De'Longhi New Zealand marketing manager Davina Gray-Ebbett said the machine was the perfect blend of innovative Italian design with up-to-date technology.

"A stylish bean-to-cup coffee maker that is both simple to use and customisable to satisfy even the most sensitive of individual tastes."

• A "sixth" sense in the kitchen
Whirlpool induction cooktops: $2,199 - $2,999

These stovetops which only get hot when directly in contact with magnetic cookware cooks food faster, reduces mess in the kitchen and minimises the risk of an accidental burn.


The whirlpool cooktops range, which can be bought "exclusively" from Mitre10 Mega from September, is a newcomer to New Zealand's range of kitchen appliances.

Its innovative "induction" method works by transferring energy directly into any magnetic cookware, making the process more energy-efficient by focusing heat on a single area.

Executive director of The Jones Family Business Rachel Louie said it offered "precise heat control" that made cooking in the kitchen a breeze.

She said these stovetops heat up to two times faster than a gas or ceramic hob, and saves up to 40 per cent on your energy bill.

Models also come with the option of a "6th sense" function which senses when boiling is reached and adjusts the power level to keep the boiling temperature constant, as well as options to keep cooking boiling, melting, simmering or just warm.

• A bed that massages
Bambillo adjustable massage bed: price available on request


This bed, which comes in a range of sizes, is made of a combination of materials that is said to "gently cradle your body".

These materials that make up the Bambillo adjustable massage bed, including a special cotton and gel memory foam, give greater support to a sleeper's spinal column, hips, knees, joints and shoulders.

Brand developers category marketing manager, Mark Lamont, said the bed also came with an in-built massaging system and can provide heat, as well as be lowered or raised dependent on a person's needs.

"With vibrational massage therapy at the press of a button, you can enjoy a super-relaxing therapeutic massage to support circulation and gently massage those tired muscles, joints and sensitive pressure points."

He said the intensity of the massage can be adjusted to provide the ideal relief to sore or tired muscles and rejuvenate the body.

A treadmill and spa in one. Photo / Supplied
A treadmill and spa in one. Photo / Supplied

Auckland Home Show


September 7-11
10am-9pm (6pm close on Sun)
ASB Showgrounds
217 Greenlane Road

Gadgets of the future
Gadgets that once seemed light years away from reality could soon be a feature of a home show near you within the next few years.

• A robotic kitchen: Technology company Moley Robotics claims a robot in your kitchen is but a year away. It claims to have created the world's first kitchen robot that could compete with the "skill and flair" of any master chef out there. It's got a tentative launch date of 2017

• A toilet that gives medical advice: Japanese company, Toto has reportedly designed a toilet that assesses your health through your urine. Unveiled at a tech expo in Japan last year, the Flowsky toilet analyses the urine flow rates and tells the user whether or not they are at risk of certain diseases.

• Mushroom insulation: An eco-friendly option to replace plastic foam insulation could one day be a common feature of many a home as company Ecovative Design looks to develop it for widespread use. The biodegradable substance is made of a combination of fungi roots and mixed with agricultural waste before packed into blocks.

• Smart mirrors: In a throwback to Snow White's evil stepmother's vanity, Panasonic has been working on a range of mirrors that not only analyse your skin but gives makeup and hair suggestions and lets a user try out new looks.