Playboy model Dani Mathers has received massive backlash for posting a photo of a naked woman in the shower of a gym to Snapchat and could now face criminal charges for the act.

Officials at LA Fitness went to police after seeing Mathers's snap, saying she 'egregiously violating a member's right of privacy by taking a pic of her while naked in the shower', TMZ reported.

The law used against Mathers regards prohibiting the dissemination of private images, which the model could be in violation of for sharing the image with a humiliating caption.

The woman - who has not come forward - has been listed as 'Jane Doe' in the criminal report.


However, Mathers, who was crowned Playmate Of The Year 2015, quickly deleted the image and apologised for her actions after sparking a huge backlash.

On Friday, she also sent an email to her fellow Playboy Playmates apologising for her 'thoughtless and mean-spirited' Snapchat post.

In the email, she reportedly called her actions a mistake, apologised for the 'negativity and hate that this has brought forward,' stated there is no excuse for her behaviour and that she is laying low.

TMZ suggests she sent the apology email to her fellow Playmates because Mathers is worried that Playboy might take away her title.

After posting the photo, one Twitter user slammed her actions. Hollie Taylor wrote: '@DaniMathers it's people like you that make others feel uneasy about changing openly in locker rooms. appalling.'

While Priscilla Sanchez added: '@DaniMathers that poor woman's naked body is now circulating the internet when she never intended it to. It's really heartbreaking.'

The Random Man tweeted: 'You owe that girl an apology!'

Holly Taylor added: 'Im grossed out you would post a photo of a naked woman's body in a locker room saying "you can't unsee this" wow.'

Police Sausager said: 'This woman was at a m***********g GYM, the hell you looking at her body like it's deplorable?'