Since launching last week, the internet has gone mad for Pokemon Go.

The smartphone app has taken the hit franchise into augmented reality, with citizens of the world going above and beyond to capture pocket monsters for their collection.

Police have put out an official warning to all Pokemon Go players - don't forget about hazards in real life.

The New Zealand Police posted a photo on its main Facebook page showing Pokemon Hitmonlee in central Auckland. The photo is accompanied with a message to "choose safety" while out and about playing the hugely popular app.


"So you gotta catch 'em all. But don't let your pursuit of virtual monsters get you into real strife.

"We'd like players of the new Pokemon Go game to watch out for real-world hazards while using their phones to hunt Pokemon around our communities," the message reads.

"Never use your phone while driving, don't step into the road without looking, watch out for others - particularly if they've got their noses buried in their phones.

"Be aware of what's happening around you and respect other people and their property. Stay safe and have fun."

Ra Pomare and a mate went for a drive to catch some new Pokemon when they realised they weren't alone.

Got a little carried away with the whole Pokemon Go thing and thought we'd drive to Mission Bay to try find some newies....

Posted by Ra Pomare on Sunday, 10 July 2016

There was a close call on the roads as this Evee got in the way of a car.

Elsewhere, the app is changing driving habits. The driver of this vehicle gave other road-users a courteous warning should they stop suddenly.

Players are so engrossed in the game they're even forgetting their Bieber fever.


It's not all fun and games. Concerned about production levels at work, some business owners have been forced to warn staff off using the Pokemon Go app at work. Signs not unlike the one below have been popping up worldwide.

Other authorities, such as the Australian police, have been happy to help Pokemon trainers who may not be the sharpest tools in the sheds.

It's fairly safe to say Pokemon Go is causing people to lose sleep. Twitter user @TheEvanDaily tweeted this screengrab of a conversation he had with his mum who seemed very concerned for his wellbeing. Evan, we hope your determination paid off.

At the end of the day, Pokemon Go is the most downloaded app on the app store, and is well on the way to having more daily users than Twitter. It's safe to say the game has united millions of people around the globe.