In a major PR gaffe for Microsoft, Xbox boss Don Mattrick's answer to critics of the new Xbox One's online requirements during an interview at E3 has left many feeling riled.

During the interview when asked about the Xbox One's need for online connectivity, Mattrick said "...fortunately we have a product for people who aren't able to get some form of connectivity, it's called Xbox 360."

With Sony announcing the Playstation 4, a battle royale is expected to be fought as both Sony and Microsoft compete for the hearts, minds and wallets of gamers. There's a lot at stake with the gaming industry earning more than Hollywood.

Traditionally gamers arguments around which console was best have involved a "mine's bigger than yours" specification and features a bun fight with game titles and the overall price performance also coming into play as console options were debated.


This time however might be different. Gamers can be a fickle bunch, and loyalties to particular brands aside, they could take exception to Mattrick's blunt and uncompromising rhetoric. Specifications and features could take a back seat to good will and customer perceptions.

Microsoft's Xbox One was announced at E3, with Microsoft saying that the console will cost US$499 ($626.65) and will include a Kinect sensor, controller and game when it launches in the US in November this year. Sony's newly announced Playstation 4 will retail for NZ$649.95.