A new Facebook feature trialled in New Zealand has been launched worldwide.

Facebook's 'Promoted Posts' feature allows people or businesses who've received enough 'Likes' to promote their posts.

The feature comes at a cost, the amount of which depends on how much exposure the person or business wants to pay for.

The feature was initially trialled in New Zealand and is now available to anybody with more than 400 'Likes'.


In a video tutorial explaining the feature, Miriama, a Facebook staffer explains how the feature works using the example of a cafe advertising daily specials.

Though the pricing of the feature remains uncertain, Facebook's Australasian spokeswoman Mia Garlick confirmed that it is the same feature that was being tested that allowed individual users to reach more friends with their content in their News Feed by promoting their post.

The feature comes following Facebook's Initial Public Offering originally valued at over US$100 billion, but has since fallen 26 per cent.