Frustrated Aucklanders stuck in traffic can take heart in the fact that, thanks to Google, their more public transport-savvy counterparts in the nation's capital are using cutting edge tech to ensure trips on the bus, train or ferry go as smoothly as possible.

In what is said to be an Australasian first, all of Wellington's public transport information is now available on Google Maps, via a feature called Transit which enables Wellingtonians and visitors to the windy city to plan trips on public transport.

According to Wayne Hastie, Greater Wellington's manager of Public Transport, having Google Maps access to public transport info "will be particularly useful for people living overseas who are planning to visit Wellington. They'll be able to see how easy it is to get around the region on public transport."

According to Hastie, Wellington residents also stand to benefit as "locals who don't use public transport, but use Google Maps for driving directions will now be able to see the public transport options.

This is a great way of spreading the public transport word to people who wouldn't normally consider taking a bus or train."

Google Transit information comes at no extra cost to ratepayers and is available here.

Accessing Wellington's public transport information is as simple as clicking "Get Directions", entering planned trip start and end points and clicking the "Get Directions button".

Clicking "Public Transit" link above your itinerary will show relevant public transport times, service numbers and routes.