Many of Michelle Glover's dance students are so keen to be on stage they're inviting the public to watch a rehearsal night free.

At the Hāwera Memorial Theatre this Saturday evening, the rehearsal is an opportunity for them to get up and share their craft with audiences before the upcoming dance competitions.

"It's all about stage experience," says Michelle Glover, dance instructor. "It's a place where they feel they belong and they can be themselves. They don't have to fit in with anybody else, which is so important."

Michelle has three boys in her studio and all are part of the 16 students entertaining. They're also working towards a week-long trip to Sydney's Brent Street studios where they'll extend their performance experience.


"There are a lot of boys who don't even admit they dance. It's refreshing to be able to be themselves, she says.

"They get to talk to people who are professionally in the industry, which is new for them. We've got students who know this is what they want to do with their lives."

Emilia Scott, 12, has danced since she was four and began singing when she was seven. She's featured in many school, repertory and dance productions.

"I love being on stage and making people smile. We're going to learn dance different styles - it's going to help us improve so much."

Maggie Cleaver, 7, loves to learn new things through performing arts experiences. She's dancing on Saturday night and her brother Otis, 12, will sing.

Jewel Te Wiki, 15, is a student teacher, dancer and performer. She's excited to extend her experience through the different workshops and apply that new knowledge to her future career.

Michelle has been a dance teacher for over 30 years. She has about 120 students and three student teachers.

"They're all into it and they're really enjoying it. They're such a talented bunch of like minded kids who are making the most of every stage experience.


"I hope they'll gain the confidence to get up and perform to the best of their ability every single time."

● The free rehearsal night is at Hāwera Memorial Theatre 6pm to 8pm on Saturday June 22. Food and drink will be available to purchase so bring cash. A koha is appreciated.