The Coastal Adult Riding club held a well-supported combined training competition at the Egmont A&P Show grounds in Hāwera on April 6.

Judges for the Dressage were Belinda Wakeling and Maureen Drylie from Eltham. Stratford local David Schumacher judged the Show Jumping classes.

The Club is planning to run two Dressage days as part of the Winter Series.

Dressage: NZPCA Test J.9: 1st - Dale Mosely (Bugs), 2nd - Kiri Fletcher (Tiraumea Bolly), 3rd - Shannon Coull (Indie), 4th - Vivian Percy (Peachy).
NZPCA Test I. 13: 1st - Vivian Percy (Peachy), 2nd - Kiri Fletcher (Tiraumea Bolly), 3rd -Shannon Coull (Indie), 4th - Shannon Coull (Patch).


Combined Training (Dressage with Jumping): 1st - Catherine Robb (After Six), 2nd - Sherleena Budd (D.J), 3rd - Victoria Grey (Scarlet's Letter), 4th- Suzette Boddington (Tia).

Showjumping: 40cm: Caitlin Robinson (Dashington)
60cm: 1st - Isabelle Radford (Desiderata), 2nd - Isabelle Radford (Savannah), 3rd - Amanda Heibner (Ringo), 4th - Aimee Schumacher.
75 cm: 1st- Jade Egan (Kim), 2nd - Isabelle Radford (Desiderata), 3rd - Linda Cruikshank (Entry), 4th - Kate Davis (Etcetera).
90 cm: 1st - Shah Bothwell (Biggs), 2nd - Jade Egan (Kim, 3rd - Kate Keegan (Sailor), 4th - Victoria Grey (Pebble Rock).