Former supermodel Rachel Hunter's son, Liam Stewart has turned his eye to fashion, launching a new streetwear brand this week.

Stewart has released DiscoCrew with the new lady in his life, 24-year-old Kiwi Bella Spooner. The pair are self-modelling the brand on Instagram.

"Sooo I've been wanting to do a fun lil merch line for a while now and I've never gotten to it ... started gaming/streaming during lockdown and built a little community of people known as the #DiscoCrew ... didn't think it would get much interest but after some thought I said f*** it I'm gonna do some merch," Stewart told his Instagram followers.

Spooner, who refers to Stewart as "My Sunshine", told her followers the project was something they had been "chipping away at over lockdown".


A Victoria University graduate and competitive bodybuilder, Spooner was first seen with Stewart just under a year ago, when the 25-year-old son of Rod Stewart was enjoying playing in SkyCity Stampede ice hockey team.

The pair then holidayed in Bali together and since then he has moved to the UK and is playing for Milton Keynes Lightning in Buckinghamshire.

After living in Queenstown for five years, Spooner also made the journey to the UK. As well as working on DiscoCrew, the pair recently travelled to Croatia.

The brand logo features a moustache and the range has hoodies, T-shirts, caps, beanies - and face masks. And it already has at least one celebrity fan - proud mum Rachel has given public backing from her home base in Los Angeles, as has his sister, dancer Renee, who is also based in the UK.