Kiwi actress Morgan Bradley is flying high in new movie The Aerialist with aerial choreographer Dreya Weber, who has created flying antics for pop stars including Pink, Taylor Swift and Madonna.

Bradley, a former host of Kidzone, who also starred in Dirty Laundry, is living her dream in Hollywood, where things lifted off with the call-up after a self-taped audition led her to Weber's back yard for a try-out.

"I arrived at her place and we ran some improv then it was my turn to 'get in the air' as they call it. It was a giant blue silk hanging from her own apparatus," says Bradley.

In The Aerialist, a dancer rehearsing for a rock tour battles age, injury, and a young director scheming to end her career. Photo / Supplied
In The Aerialist, a dancer rehearsing for a rock tour battles age, injury, and a young director scheming to end her career. Photo / Supplied

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Having never attempted anything in the air before, Bradley was guided in some moves by Weber and they were both amazed that Bradley was a "natural", which she puts down to luck and not telling Weber she was injured when she was, so she got a call-back.

With top billing on the movie's poster alongside Weber, the movie will be a big launchpad for Bradley.

Weber plays Jane Hawkins, aerial choreographer to rock-pop legend Aurora, who is battling age and injury.

"I play Runa Wolff, a mysterious reporter demanding I be 'let in' to Jane's personal life," Bradley says. "Without spoiling the film, 'Runa' means secret and there is a beautiful secret reveal at the end of the film - you will have to watch it to find out."

The shoot was in 35C heat in Downtown Los Angeles over three weeks last summer and it was hard work for Bradley.

"I like to think I keep pretty fit with stunt work and Hit Training but aerials were a whole new ball game. You have to be able to lift your own weight and flip and contort your body while looking graceful," she says.

The cast all trained in aerials for two weeks before filming started.

"Dreya would take us through a bunch of different styles to see where we were all strongest. We also worked with Cher's choreographer for dance numbers and Leo Moctezuma who regularly works with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Pink."


Since moving to the States, Bradley has shot a TV series for the History Channel where she played philanthropist Marjorie Merriweather Post, which she got to shoot in New York and was flown to South Korea to shoot a blockbuster called Road to Boston, with Korean celebrities, which is set to come out at the end of the year. Something tells us Bradley's career has just taken off.